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Welcome to the wonderful city of Bagan !!

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With its numerous temples and stupas Bagan is also known as the city of 1000 pagodas. Rich and exotic has become the favorite destination of thousands of tourists every year. Do not miss it!

The city of Bagan is in the former Burma, currently known as "Union of Myanmar" and is headed by a military junta. Formerly known as Pagan, this city was the capital of several kingdoms and culture center and trade.

On the right you can see each of the flags that have been and are official in Burma / Myanmar.

Burma has changed eleven times of the capital but the most known is Rangoon . However, since November 2005 the official capital is Naypyidaw, but is very small and it has not many buildings

The total area of 678000 square kilometers. Its population is currently about 47000 million inhabitants, most of whom are Buddhist religion.

Weather in Yangon, Myanmar

It is located in the arid plateau of the country and is 150 km southwest of Mandalay. Situated along the Ayeyarwady River (Irrawaddy River), is a neighbor of Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand; Its coast is lapped by the Indian Ocean and its geography has a great range and a broad valley where three rivers flow. The landscape is made up of 55% of forests and rainforests.

Bagan is the wonderful city of temples and pagodas, and though it has tried several times to designate like a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, every effort has resulted in vain.

So, thanks to its landscapes, its rich architecture and the great courtesy and hospitality of its people, Bagan is undoubtedly a good tourist destination and as such, is not yet fully exploited, yet has great hotels and services for travelers.


Ananda temple bagan

Bandera Birmania 1948 -1974

Burma historic flag 1948 -1974

Bandera de Birmania

Burma flag

Bandera de Myanmar 2006

Myanmar flag - 2006

Escudo de Myanmar

Myanmar shield





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